WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden

WeTRAIN Harpenden - Unit 2, Southdown Industrial Estate, Harpenden, AL51DZ

Creating lifestyle systems that upgrade lives

WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden

A Warm Welcome to the Community that is Limitless...

Welcome to the ever growing community that is the WeTRAIN Gym, Harpenden. Our purpose is simple - upgrade lives through our training and lifestyle programme.

We're confident WeTRAIN isn’t like any other ‘gym’ you’ve been too, in fact we pride ourselves upon an holistic approach based on the four key pillars of our programme:


We welcome you to take a moment to browse the training programme options we provide, or better still come say hello at our Gym on Southdown, Harpenden and find out how we can upgrade your life. 

WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden


Firstly, We love you just the way you are! Our mission is to empower people through education, offering you the tools to feel awesome everyday, get in shape, stay in shape and provide you with the confidence in continually becoming a better you. This isn’t about turning up to exercise or just seasonal physiques. This is about keeping the one mind and body you have inherited for the rest of your life in optimal health and condition, so you can perform day in day out…at work, at home and at the gym.

WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden


We have found our passion in providing a training and lifestyle system applicable to all walks of life, all shapes, sizes and abilities. For us it would be a dis-service in making you fit the programme. Instead we use our experience as coaches in taking the person in front of us and integrating the programme to fit YOU, by taking what we know, delivering demands, addressing needs, whilst working together to upgrade your life.


WeTRAIN Harpenden


Our WeTRAIN group training programme is renowned for building strong, injury free and functional physiques. Likewise we’re known for helping everyday people FEEL and look great. Our coaches are bachelors of Strength & Conditioning Sciences, as well as accredited EXOS Fitness Specialists. Thus, be assured your efforts to turn up and train are maximised with the careful guidance of our coaches no matter what training experience or ability you have. We see Functional Strength, Fitness and Health as a lifestyle. It doesn't matter if your new to training or experienced, it's a passion we aim to impart upon welcoming you to our community, guiding you from where you are now to where YOU want to be.

  • 45-60 Minute Training Sessions
  • Strength & Conditioning, Fitness & Fat loss, Health & Wellbeing
  • WeLIFT (Strength)
  • BUILD & BURN (Functional Strength & Fitness)
  • WeSWEAT (Conditioning)
  • Sessions are programmed with purpose over 3-6 week cycles for maximum ‘buy in’ and continual progress


HeTRAINS Harpenden


A small group personal training programme designed to provide coachable gentlemen with the tools to change your personal fitness, health and body shape. The HeTRAINs programme is an opportunity to maximise your hard given efforts through tailored and continual support, with the aim of positively influencing your lifestyle. You’ll benefit from 1-2-1 check in’s monitoring your progress, as well as more individualised guidance and direction both in the gym and the hours outside of training.

  • Ongoing Blocks of six week focussed programmes
  • 'Pre-Testing' & 'Post-Testing' monitors block to block progress
  • Two programmed HeTRAINS workouts per week
  • Access to one WeTRAIN workout per week
  • Interactive Private Facebook & WhatsApp Group
  • 1-2-1 Programme Duration Support & Education
SheTRAINS Harpenden


A small group personal training programme designed to provide aspiring women with the tools to change your personal fitness, health and body shape. The SheTRAINs programme offers you the chance to prioritise YOU, empowering you through education, support and encouraging self-development. You’ll benefit from 1-2-1 check in’s monitoring your progress and more individualised direction both in and out of the gym.

  • Ongoing Blocks of six week focussed programmes
  • Two programmed SheTRAINS workouts per week
  • Access to one WeTRAIN workout per week
  • Interactive Private Facebook & Whatsapp Group
  • 1-2-1 Programme Duration Education & Support
WeTRAIN Pre-Teens
WeTRAIN Pre-Teens


Our 45mins 'TEENZ' sessions offer young human's the opportunity to experiment with, and improve, their physical capability when they are most coachable. Sessions provide basic fitness, foundational strength, functional movement, injury prevention but above all else fun, safe, effective and influential coaching that promotes long term healthy lifestyles.

When health, wellness and self-respect is instilled from a young age there are no limits to what can be achieved. Committing your child to our programme, over time, will offer them the foundations of what it is to be human - self-confidence, strength and independence throughout life!

First session for your child is free! You can find the booking link & full timetable below, including WeTRAIN PreTEENZ and WeTRAIN TEENZ.