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Tailored small group personal training programmes designed to provide a detailed approach to your personal fitness, health, well-being and body shape endeavours. The programme offers accountability, 1-2-1 monitoring progress and direction both in and out of the gym.

  • Six Week block Programme
  • Two 1 hour HeTRAINS workouts per week
  • Access to one WeTRAIN workout per week
  • Interactive Private Facebook Group
  • 1-2-1 Programme Duration Support
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Where we use our experience as coaches in taking the individual in front of us, and integrating a programme that fits...

HeTRAINS at WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden

HeTRAINS Gym Harpenden

What is HeTRAINS?

HeTrains is a six week packaged training programme. Each six week programme is an opportunity for four gents to receive a personal approach to your fitness, health and body shape endeavours. The programme offers accountability, monitoring progress and direction both in and out of the gym.

HeTRAINS Gym Harpenden


The aim is to educate and guide the individual in front of us toward their desired body shape, whilst empowering each of you through education, learning how to train and eat to feel strong and awesome everyday god dam day! This is not a diet, neither is it about making you fit a programme! This is an active educational programme for males that require attention to detail, guiding your mind and body towards your desired body shape, fitness level and wellbeing.

What to expect with your Six Week HeTRAINS block Programme:

  • A designated Coach passionate about upgrading your life
  • 1-2-1 Motivational Interview
  • Continuous accountability through progress check-ins every two weeks
  • Strength & Fitness Testing
  • Purposeful and Progressive programming
  • Nutritional Education
  • In-depth 'Micro Cycle' Action Plan
  • to change your perspective

HeTRAINS Results

HeTRAINS Gym Harpenden
James Biggin-Slamming heTRAINS

Daniel Jones

James Biggin-Lamming

I have been training with Matt at WeTRAIN for around 18 months. I can honestly say it has changed my outlook on fitness and wellbeing. I had been a regular gym goer, in the never ending cycle of sporadic training and trying every diet fad I could. The ultimate result being yoyo weight gain/loss and no real fitness improvement.

Matt has taken an holistic approach to my training, diet and lifestyle needs. My fitness, diet and overall wellbeing (body and mind) have never been better - 3 stone lighter and fitter than I have ever been. Small structured and consistent changes have made the journey easy to take on board and something that will stay with me forever when it comes to my training needs.

Matt is always free to offer help, advice and support along the way to help reach your fitness goals. The community at WeTRAIN is incredible and I am now regularly attending the WeTRAIN workouts outside of my HeTRAINS schedule. This has been the best investment into my health and wellbeing I have ever made.

I can’t recommend WeTRAIN enough - it has genuinely been life changing. 

I joined in January needing to get healthier,  having heard positive things from friends. Since then I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, I feel great, I’ve lost over 12.5kg stone, been able to run 10km for the first time in my life, and made more friends along the way. 

Matt, Andy and the whole community have been enormously welcoming and encouraging. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner like I was or super fit already as the classes are personalised to support you. The new outdoor area and the way in person classes have been running this week have been exemplary. 

Definitely try the taster sessions. I’m sure you will enjoy them. I originally signed up for HeTRAINs as well and benefited from the extra coaching on my life style and eating. If you are emerging from lockdown needing a reset, this is worth considering!

HeTRAINS Gym Harpenden

Ross Gissane

HeTRAINS moved my training from irregular unstructured maintenance of fitness to a systematic measured approached to improving my fitness, health, nutrition and has ultimately made a positive change to my overall well being.

The training goes beyond twice a week sessions with regular one on one goal setting, nutrition advice and support, and tracking of progress. In addition Matt makes himself available through what’s app, email and calls for ad-hoc advice or questions.

As the title suggests the training program is built for men and the groups selected with members of a similar profile and goal.

Working with a group of likeminded he-trains members we are able to support during sessions and a WhatsApp group - this provides completion, support and creates a team atmosphere, giving a us all extra motivation to make sessions, make the most of sessions and improve.

I’ve always enjoyed exercise but with two young children, work and various other typical life commitments it’s very easy to fall in to bad routines. Whilst it’s not always easy to find the time the outcome of Hetrains has been transformational for me physically and mentally.


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