Our inclusive group training programme is structured purposefully, programmed innovatively and provides a platform for your individual progression.

The week begins with strength training, to which we believe to be the prerequisite for every demand in life - our WeLIFT workouts are Monday's & Tuesday's.

Wednesday's and Thursday’s transition into our Functional Strength and Fitness based sessions - BUILD&BURN workouts.

Then completing the week with our conditioning focus - WeSWEAT workouts.

The WeTRAIN programme is hence structured to promote individual progress, maintain everyday performance against whatever your daily hustle presents, maximise recovery and sustain injury resilience.


Stop simply 'exercising' and start TRAINING...

WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden

WeLIFT Gym Harpenden


Monday's & Tuesday's

This workout is all about learning to lift. Programmed over a number of weeks, dependant on the focus, the aim is to teach, coach and lift big numbers progressively and safely. Improve strength, build lean muscle tissue and shape a physique fit for any athletic endeavour... or simply the beach!

Much of the programming will be based around technical complexes, foundational movement, functional strength and the compound lifts, utilising mostly Olympic barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and the power rack. WeLIFT workouts encompass a strength training approach by way of rep, set and 'tempo' based structure enabling measurable progress.

NOTE: Suitable for all levels and abilities. We take you from where you are now, to a stronger version of you.

WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden


Wednesday's & Thursday's

A 45 minute full body workout, offering Strength, Shaping & Conditioning benefits. The basis of this class programmed around use of the Concept2 'Erg' equipment family - the SkiErg, BikeErg and RowErg - accompanied by a 'functional strength' emphasis involving the likes of Kettlebell's, Dumbbell's and Barbell exercise variations.

Specialist instructors will lead, and teach, the intricacies of the Erg equipment family with the aim of demonstrating and applying their versatile uses for fitness conditioning. But it's not all Erg! You'll also learn the realm of 'functional strength' training, a term to describe a method of training that utilise's 'free' and 'functional' movement under load, that offers benefit to everyday health, well-being and of course physical shape!

Build a strong and functional physique with an 'engine', that looks and feels great.

WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden


Friday's & Saturday's

Wrap the week's training up with our 45minute Total Body Conditioning focus workout. The aim is simple - use your body for maximum output. Push, Pull, Jump, Run, Climb... enjoy using cool and functional pieces of kit that will really challenge the whole body and make you feel invincible!

Focus and purpose is of course still present. Our coaches programme your conditioning training to improve function and performance of your body's energy systems. Whether you play sport or aim to be cardio strong... #movementismedicine and this session certainly provides the body and mind with everyday resilience.

Burn calories and torch body fat like you never thought you could, even for up to 48hrs post WeSWEAT workout!

Start upgrading your life today with WeTRAIN

Facebook Reviews

Kim Dey

Really welcoming trainer. Made you feel comfortable and at ease straight away. I love how Mat was also interested in hearing about our nutrition too as I know this makes the biggest difference to exercise. Really enjoyed it and would definitely go again. I thought I was fairly strong, but some of these ladies can lift weights. Inspiring.

Annie Young

Great classes run by very motivating instructors!

Spencer Caminsky

Great class, the small class size means Matt & Andy really pushes you and it feels more personal, and the machines used are unique which makes for a more interesting (and again motivating) experience. Definitely recommend to anyone needing a really hard workout.

Elaine Alcaraz

Have just completed my second Sweat class. Really enjoying the classes which are varied, challenging and fun. Professional but very friendly gym. Made to feel very welcome, not only by Matt and Andy but also the other members. Looking forward to the next class.

Karen Pritchard

Small class sizes and they really push you! Just what I’ve been looking for in Harpenden! Prices are very reasonable as well.

Stephen Marriott

First time there and not the last! Very professional in their approach to getting, and keeping us healthy and fit. Felt part of the group straight off the bat. Brilliant.

Nat Ramsay

I moved from 1Life & it’s just the best gym ever, Matt & Andy get to know everyone, the classes are brilliant, the community is brilliant & it’s both great for your physical and mental well being. Love it