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WeTRAIN Gym Harpenden

HeTRAINS Harpenden

Ross Gissane

HeTRAINS moved my training from irregular unstructured maintenance of fitness to a systematic measured approached to improving my fitness, health, nutrition and has ultimately made a positive change to my overall well being.

The training goes beyond twice a week sessions with regular one on one goal setting, nutrition advice and support, and tracking of progress. In addition Matt makes himself available through what’s app, email and calls for ad-hoc advice or questions.

Working with a group of likeminded he-trains members we are able to support during sessions and a WhatsApp group - this provides completion, support and creates a team atmosphere, giving a us all extra motivation to make sessions, make the most of sessions and improve.

I’ve always enjoyed exercise but with two young children, work and various other typical life commitments it’s very easy to fall in to bad routines. Whilst it’s not always easy to find the time the outcome of HeTRAINS has been transformational for me physically and mentally.

HeTRAINS Harpenden

Daniel Jones

I have been training with Matt at WeTRAIN for around 18 months. I can honestly say it has changed my outlook on fitness and wellbeing. I had been a regular gym goer, in the never ending cycle of sporadic training and trying every diet fad I could. The ultimate result being yoyo weight gain/loss and no real fitness Improvement.

Matt has taken an holistic approach to my training, diet and lifestyle needs. My fitness, diet and overall wellbeing (body and mind) have never been better - 3 stone lighter and fitter than I have ever been. Small structured and consistent changes have made the journey easy to take on board and something that will stay with me forever when it comes to my training needs.

Matt is always free to offer help, advice and support along the way to help reach your fitness goals. The community at WeTRAIN is incredible and I am now regularly attending the WeTRAIN workouts outside of my HeTRAINs schedule. This has been the best investment into my health and wellbeing I have ever made.

Nina Gallagher She TRAINS

Nina Gallagher

I have been training at WeTRAIN for nearly 4 years and I can honestly say I LOVE it. I have never stuck at exercise for more than a few months prior to joining here.

When I started training, Matt guided me slowly and taught me the basic techniques with the strength kit, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and all the intimidating stuff like power racks and ropes. I never felt out of my depth or intimidated. I am now a lot more confident at lifting weights and I love the sessions! Not to mention I’ve lost weight and gained muscle! I can see a huge difference in myself and I feel it, my closest can too.

WeTRAIN is more than just a Gym, it’s a Community. I feel good every time I go, from the amazing instructors, to the motivational and lovely people who train here. Working out at WeTRAIN is good for my body and my mind and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Highly recommend WeTRAIN!

James Biggin-Slamming heTRAINS

James Biggin-Lamming

I can’t recommend WeTRAIN enough - it has genuinely been life changing. 

I joined in January needing to get healthier, having heard positive things from friends. Since then I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, I feel great, I’ve lost over 12.5kg stone, been able to run 10km for the first time in my life, and made more friends along the way. 

Matt, Andy and the whole community have been enormously welcoming and encouraging. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner like I was or super fit already as the classes are personalised to support you. The new outdoor area and the way in person classes have been running this week have been exemplary. 

Definitely try the taster sessions. I’m sure you will enjoy them. I originally signed up for HeTRAINs as well and benefited from the extra coaching on my life style and eating. If you are emerging from lockdown needing a reset, this is worth considering!

Katherine Coggins

Starting just under a year ago, WeTRAIN has completely changed my outlook on fitness and performance! Not only do they provide personalised nutritional guidance to achieve your desired physique but they've taught me the importance of nutrition as not simply a focus to decreasing body fat % but as a pillar to boosting performance. 

The SheTRAINs programme is definitely the best thing I've ever done and wished I had started sooner! It's enabled me to improve my physique, build on strength, gymnastics movements and endurance over personalised 6 week blocks.

For anyone looking to find a stronger, more confident self- WeTRAIN is certainly for you. Once you've started, you'll never want to leave!